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cyber security

online certificate

how do you become a cyber security analyst? in as few as six months and for less than $7,500 for full-time students, you can expand your career options with an online pre-bachelor's cyber security certificate specializing in administrative or technical skills.6,4 start your certificate when it’s convenient for you thanks to fully online curriculum and eight start dates a year. plus, you’ll feel prepared to sit for the comptia cybersecurity analyst (cysa+) and the cisco® certified network associate (ccna), industry cyber security certification exams that employers are looking for.

next program start date: january 4, 2021

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make every credential count

what does my educational path look like?

designed with motivated learners like you in mind, our laddering approach to curriculum can help you get a head start on your bachelor’s degree in cyber security. when you complete your cyber security certificate, you can seamlessly transfer your credits toward your bachelor’s degree. when you graduate from rasmussen college, you earn more than just a bachelor’s degree—you earn every credential you’ve worked for. credits simply ladder-up, one credential to the next, from network support certificate to network systems administration associate's degree to cyber security certificate (administrative or technical specialization) to cyber security bachelor's degree.

Laddering cyber security certificate

the single panel infographic displays how rasmussen college's cyber security program credentials stack together. the title of the graphic is, "cyber security laddering". at the bottom of the stack is the network support certificate, followed by network support administrative associate's degree, cyber security certificate (highlighted in blue) and, at the top, the cyber security bachelor's degree.

fulfill a vital role in the world of information security

according to the bureau of labor statistics (bls), information security analyst jobs are projected to grow by 32% over the next 10 years—fulfill that need for cyber security specialists with a certificate from rasmussen college.5 rasmussen college has been educating technology students for two decades—we continuously review and update our curriculum to fit the needs of the industry. students will also learn from instructors who are accomplished professionals in information security, network security management and cyber security. cyber security certifications online training can help you advance your expertise in microsoft®, linux® and windows® security tools and networking technologies, including osi model, communication protocols, routing protocols, wan architecture (atm, vpn, mpls and hybrid networks), wireless and qos.3

an administrative specialization focuses on network security and awareness, while a technical specialization emphasizes applications like pen-testing, forensics, python and cryptography. information assurance analyst, information security analyst, information security manager, information systems security analyst and information technology security analyst are just a few of the specialized careers you can pursue with our cyber security certificate.

rasmussen college is accredited by the higher learning commission (, a regional accreditation agency recognized by the u.s. department of education.

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what skills will i gain?

information security policy-making

administrative specialization

develop policies that directly reflect implementation of risk management tools and clearly identify process owners and accountable parties.

security risk assessment

administrative specialization

explore and utilize elements of risk management essential to the business environment. analyze and communicate security policies and provide security awareness training to employees.

pen-testing and forensics analysis

technical specialization

create, execute and analyze the security of your organization’s virtual information through pen-testing, forensic analyses, cryptographic analyses and traffic analyses.

cloud administration

technical specialization

handle cloud computing services for your organization by transitioning locally hosted infrastructure to the cloud, configure cloud environments to meet your company's needs and architect systems for data management.

Two males cyber security professionals working at computer
whether you focus in administrative or technical cyber security—you'll learn advanced skills employers are looking for in order to support their organization.
  • transferable skills

    along with program-specific skills, students in all programs and at all credential levels learn six employer-valued transferable skills, or soft skills: critical thinking, digital fluency, information literacy, communication, diversity and teamwork, and ethics and professional responsibility. you will not only need to produce comprehensive evaluations of security risks, but also communicate best security practices throughout your organization. all six transferable skills are strategically embedded into your cyber security certifications online, further preparing you for your career.

  • cyber security certification exams

    with these skills in-hand, you'll feel confident pursuing in-demand cyber security certifications. both of our cyber security certificates academically prepare you to sit for the ccna, and our cyber security certificate technical specialization also prepares you for the comptia cybersecurity analyst (cysa+) certification exam. rasmussen college will reimburse the exam fees of up to three certification exams to help make pursuing cyber security certification more of a reality.4

sample courses

what types of classes will i take?

    principles of cyber security

    • administrative specialization 
    • cis 3086
    • online
    • 3 credits

    introduces a detailed examination of a systems-wide perspective for cyber security and security strategic planning processes, including examination of policies, procedures and staffing functions necessary to organize and administrate ongoing security functions.

    advanced networking

    • administrative specialization 
    • cnt 3126
    • online
    • 4 credits

    studies current networking technologies to deliver business objectives, including osi model, communication protocols, routing protocols, wan architecture (atm, vpn, mpls and hybrid networks), wireless and wos.


    • technical specialization 
    • cnt 3777
    • online
    • 4 credits

    explores current virtualization technologies and strategies for virtualization of servers, clients and applications. includes coverage of distributed virtual switching, server-side vs. client-side desktop virtualization and virtual appliances.

    hacker techniques, tools and applications

    • technical specialization 
    • cis 4456
    • online
    • 4 credits

    introduces hacking tools and incident handling, including various tools and vulnerabilities of operating systems, software and networks used by hackers to access unauthorized information. addresses incident handling methods used when information security is compromised.

61 minimum months to completion

7 courses to complete

27 administrative specialization credit hours

26 technical specialization credit hours

for the latest information on this program, see these important updates.

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estimate your tuition

rasmussen college is committed to making education more affordable for all students. our tuition estimating tool can help you visualize the cost of your degree and see what savings opportunities are available to help you achieve it.

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estimate your tuition

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what should i know before i enroll?

help paying for college

higher education should be a manageable investment. talk to an admissions advisor and learn how these programs can make it more affordable with flex choice® learning options, loans and grants, scholarship opportunities and corporate and military discounts for those who qualify.

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transfer student

we believe in giving credit where it’s due. you can get an estimate of your transfer credits without an official transcript in one business day (on average). talk to an admissions advisor today or explore our transfer policy page for our seamless credit policies designed to maximize credits, potentially save money and expedite graduation.

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entrance requirements

entrance requirements at the rasmussen college school of technology vary depending on the program. we do not require enrolling students to submit standardized test scores; however, every entrant must have at least a high school diploma or the equivalent. this online program is available in every state except california, connecticut, new york and rhode island.

to gain acceptance to the pre-bachelor's cyber security certificate, students must provide evidence of an acceptable conferred associate's degree as listed below, or at least 90 quarter credits of college-level coursework with a grade of c or higher from an accredited institution as recognized by the u.s. department of education. acceptable associate’s degree programs are:

  • network systems administration
  • networking technology
  • computer network systems
  • computer network administration
  • network security
  • network administration and security

alternatively, students with an associate's degree outside the fields above or at least 90 quarter credits or 60 semester credits may be considered for this program according to the following:

  • only courses with a grade of c or higher are considered eligible credits.
  • students may be required to take additional lower level prerequisite courses when comparable courses have not been completed within the past three (3) years. prerequisite courses a student may be required to complete include: cet2522c cisco network routing and switching, cis2647c windows directory services, cnt1244c introduction to networks, and ism2321 managing information security. prerequisite courses are not eligible for financial aid.

an applicant may be accepted into the program upon receipt of official or unofficial transcripts which prove prior credits. official or unofficial transcripts must be received no later than the sixth business day of the first term of enrollment in order to begin the program. a student will be withdrawn from the college if official transcripts are not received by the friday of the thirteenth week of enrollment. in the event that acceptance was based on credits earned at multiple institutions, the official transcript from each institution must be received by the deadline.

talk to an admissions advisor

  1. completion time is dependent on transfer credits accepted and the number of courses completed each term.
  2. total program cost varies by full-time vs. part-time learning.
  3. microsoft and windows are registered trademarks of microsoft corporation.
  4. rasmussen college will reimburse you any out-of-pocket costs of the application fee for each first attempt of up to three designated industry certification exams for which you qualify. should you need to take an exam more than once to receive a passing grade score, you will be responsible for all subsequent exam application fees. rasmussen college will provide practice exams and materials when available.
  5. bureau of labor statistics, u.s. department of labor, occupational outlook handbook, [career information accessed may 21, 2020] // bls salary data represents national, averaged earnings for the occupations listed and includes workers at all levels of education and experience. this data does not represent starting salaries. employment conditions in your area may vary.
  6. completion time is dependent on transfer credits accepted and the number of courses completed each term.

    total program cost varies by full-time vs. part-time learning and does not include any prerequisites (if needed). visit the course catalog for full details on prerequisite courses and entrance requirements.
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